"Gary is unique among his peers and consistently exceeds my expectations which are, admittedly, rather high.  He has an uncanny ability to analyze a complex planning situation with solid proposals and solutions that meet planning objectives.  He does his homework and always comes prepared, backing up everything with solid research and thorough analysis.  He is passionate about the personal relationships that he develops with people and has always treated me as he would a member of his own family.  When I first met Gary, I told him that I wanted him to put himself in my shoes in making any planning recommendations.  He does!  I have the highest regard for his competence, professional ethics and integrity.  I consider Gary a trusted adviser and good friend."

John O. Brentin
Partner, Board Certified-Estate Planning & Probate Law Texas Board of Legal Specialization
Porter & Hedges, LLP
Houston, Texas

PwC's Professional Framework develops staff to operate with excellence in Whole Leadership, Business Acumen, Technical Capabilities, Global Acumen, and Relationships.  We expect it of our staff, and our clients demand it of us.  Why wouldn't I expect the same traits in a trusted personal advisor?  Gary possesses the framework mentioned above, along with an uncanny talent to cut through the bs and tell it like it is.  He is a man of honor and integrity and has my family's best interest in mind. Gary is one of my first calls when I need to make an important personal financial decision, and I refer him to my dearest friends and colleagues.

Bryan K. Melvin
Tax Partner
PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP,
Houston, Texas

“The first time I met Gary I immediately realized I was speaking with a professional with a passion for his work and the products he was able to offer through Northwestern Mutual. This became clear based on his approach to client service. Rather than being quick to tell me what I need he was quick to listen, understand my financial situation and then understand my long term goals and financial desires. This approach allowed him to help me implement an insurance plan to afford my family immediate protection and give me the flexibility to grow that protection over time. Over the years I have come to know, trust and admire Gary's ability to connect with his Clients and provide unparalleled service. I hold Gary to extremely high standards of excellence. In my profession and business, I need people to do what they say, say what they do and do it consistently well. Gary does. He also takes a tremendous amount of pride in his work ethic and product. I trust Gary and consider myself blessed to have him as a financial advisor and friend. Gary has been our Family's Financial Advisor now for over 22 years. If you are reading this testimonial and want more assurances about Gary's abilities and to witness for yourself true professionalism and passion at work, then call Gary and make an appointment! . You and your loved ones will be glad you did!”   

Mark J. Mize
Sr. Vice President & CFO
Capital X-energy
Houston, Texas


When they heard about my husband's health, most agents lost all interest in us ..... but Gary S. Wolfe was different. When Gary called us, he said, "I can't guarantee that I'll be able to get you coverage, but I can promise that no one will work harder for you."

His tenacity and his loyalty to us throughout the years have been amazing and he was able to find coverage for my husband through Northwestern Mutual. After my husband passed away just four years later, Gary gave us amazing support and advice. I don't know what my daughters and I would have done without him. No one wants to think about needing Life Insurance, but there are bills you just can't imagine from grief counseling to child care, etc. Social Security alone wouldn't have been enough. And after our struggle with a preexisting condition, we got our eight and ten year old daughters insured to guarantee their insurability for life (provided they keep up their payments as adults). Gary taught us that you have to plan ahead!

Very few people are lucky enough to find a career that's a perfect fit for them.....but Gary certainly has. After losing his father when he was very young, at Age 7, he made the commitment to protect other families better than his own was. I really believe that he's doing what God put him on this earth to do.....and he's absolutely my hero."

Sharon Kemmerer
Sugar Land, Texas

I met Gary S. Wolfe in 1990, over 32 years ago, and I do not remember whom to thank for introducing us. I was not thinking about my financial future at the time. I was beginning my career as a Cardiologist at the VA Hospital as Junior Faculty. I did not have the time or money for "the future". Gary convinced me of the benefits of Whole Life, and the quality of the Northwestern Mutual, and I bought a small policy. Later as the founder of my own Cardiology Practice,  I purchased more insurance and implemented a Profit-Sharing Plan to benefit me, my Family, my Partners and Employees. Almost 30 years later I have been given "permission to retire". I may be the Client who has met with Gary the least, given the 30-year span. I am sure many would want updates and conferences quarterly or more often. This was my choice to stand back as much as possible. I hate thinking of Financial Planning, worrying about the economy and/or stock market, what an Annuity is or Profit-Sharing plan is, etc. My mind does not work that way!  I do not recommend being as hands off as I have been, but if you must be this way too, Gary S. Wolfe has been a godsend.  He is honest, hard-working and has the best Company Resources to use.  He has had my and my Family's best inderests in mind always. He has guided me and my Family to great prosperity. I am very thankful Gary.

Dr. Scott L. Harris
Brazosport Cardiology (Retired)
San Antonio, Texas

I first met Gary through a fellow Partner and friend of mine.  He has  been working with Gary for 15 years now.  At the time, I was 49 years old.  My friend asked me a few questions about my investing and insurance philosophy.   After my reply he said, "Stephen you really should take an hour to speak with Gary Wolfe at Northwestern Mutual.  I was very tentative about my first meeting.  After all, I had heard stories about insurance companies. Gary, however, was different.  He took time to listen, evaluate and build a plan for me.  Granted, I was a slow learner.  But Gary patiently taught me about the various investments, products and services that would be relevant to me.  His personal interest in me and my family gained my trust.  I realized I was gaining solid financial advice and a friend.  I probably talk to Gary two or three times a month.  Most of these conversations are personal, as he is now my friend as well as Financial Advisor.  As a closing point, I want you to know I have recommended Gary to several close friends and family members, including my mother, whom is now a Client.  Gary is someone you can trust to build the right financial plan for you.

Stephen E Gray
PwC | Partner | Houston |

Dear Gary Wolfe, 

I would like to take this opportunity to say "Thank You". I wanted to let you know that you are more than just a Financial Advisor to our Family; you have become a dear Friend. I have really grown to admire the Passion you have for your job and for your Clients. You are a brilliant "numbers man". Ever since our first meeting, you have been working hard to help us achieve our dreams and goals. Surprisingly, that meeting revealed unexpected benefits of working with you as well, such as helping my Wife & I significantly improve our Marriage. By educating us about the challenges faced by many Entrepreneurs during the Great Recession, we realized that we were no exception. You helped my Wife appreciate that the financial difficulties we faced were not all "my fault". 

You helped her understand that by creating a thorough & comprehensive Financial Plan, that I was actually writing her and our (3) children a beautiful Love Letter. Thank you Gary, for all you have done for our entire Family and continue to do for us. 

I originally wrote this original Testimonial over (5) years ago. Gary has since helped us to exceed our financial goals. My Wife and I are still so very happy with Northwestern Mutual and Gary and each other.  

Victor J. Quinones, Jr
Chief Executive Officer
Houston, Texas

I met Gary through a colleague and have been pleased that the introduction was made. Gary has the ability to connect with each individual on a personal level, understand their needs, and develop a plan that fits their needs. Gary is open and honest and tells it like it is without the fluff you get from so many others. I hold my teams to very high standards and have the same expectations of him. Gary is easy to work with and I know that he has me and my family's best interest at heart. I find it a great pleasure to call Gary my Financial Advisor and Friend.

Ray A. Hearrell
Advisory Partner
PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP
Houston, Texas

For almost two decades, I have relied upon Gary S. Wolfe for Financial Advice and to navigate my Life Insurance needs. Over that time, he has become a trusted Financial Advisor and a good friend. Gary is an expert in his field and understands how to apply financial analysis to personal situations and provide financial products that meet the long-term goals of his clients. Gary is gifted in his ability to bring clarity to complex decisions, and his advice has proved over the years to be well-informed, accurate and valuable. Most of all, Gary is a man of Integrity, and I have found his guidance in Planning for the care of those closest to me to be invaluable. I am so glad I took the time to meet Gary all those years ago, and I only wish my friend had referred him to me sooner!

Shelton Vaughan
Duane Morris
Houston, Texas

My wife and I were introduced to Gary nearly 20 years ago when we were first starting to plan for our Financial Futures. Upon meeting Gary, it was immediately clear that he was very passionate about his business and truly believed in the services and resources he had to offer through the Northwestern Mutual. Initially, our primary focus was to ensure that our Family was protected in case of any unforeseen event. Over the years, we added a College Fund and a Retirement Plan to our portfolio. Gary prepared an elaborate and extensive analysis of our new portfolio and patiently informed and educated us on what our family wanted out of our financial investments and early retirement goals. He challenged us to not only reach those goals but to exceed them. We knew immediately that with Gary's dedication and commitment in managing our portfolio that our family's future financial security would be fulfilled. We wholeheartedly trust Gary and the Northwestern Mutual with our financial assets. 

With Gary's advice and guidance, our financial goals have not only been met but have been exceeded beyond our imagination. This has enabled us to reach our goal and retire at the early age of 56 and we are now able to enjoy our family's future without worrying about our financial security. This is an incredibly wonderful position to be in and it would not have been possible wiithout Gary's dedication, commitment, knowledge, guidance and passion for helping us reach our financial goals. My wife and I are so grateful and cannot thank Gary enough for all the time and dedication he has provided our family. We highly recommend Gary to anyone seeking life insurance and financial planning. Thank you again for your dedication and commitment to our family Gary. 

Kirk and Renee Hein
IT Cybersecurity Manager
Aramco Americas (Retired)
Katy, Texas 


 I met Gary over twenty plus years ago when I was very early in my Career. At that time, we discussed various long term-goals and set up some Life Insurance Policies. As the years have gone by and I got married and had kids, my discussions with Gary about Future Goals and Plans continued to evolve. Our relationship developed more into a Financial Planning Relationship but also a friendship. Gary has always challendged me and I have challenged him as well over the years about what I needed to do to achieve my Financial Goals, Financial Security and Objectives.

When you meet Gary, you can tell immediately that his heart is in it and that he is very committed to you succeeding. As I move closer to the next phase of my life, I am very thankful that I met Gary back twenty plus years ago. The Plans and Goals that we have developed and tweaked over the years are coming together.

Gary will listen to your questions and concerns, your Goals and Objectives, and then will work with you continually on developing a plan to succeed. He will tell you the good and the bad, which I have always appreciated to hear. I would recommend Gary to anyone who wants to develop a plan for Financial Security for themselves and their Family.

Thank you again for your commitment to me and my Family.

Michael Hough
Director of Financial Reporting
Quanta Services, Inc.
Houston, Texas

Gary started off as simply our Life Insurance Agent some 28 years ago. The first thing he did was go through all of our older Life Insurance Policies to see what could be done with them, in relationship to our Goals & Objectives, as I was having some problems with them. He straightened everything out to our great satisfaction.

I had been our own Financial Advisor for many, many years when it came to our investments, as I have an MBA & CPA myself, even though my occupation was in the Medical Field. I was doing well, or so I thought? Gary suggested that he become our One & Only Trusted Financial Advisor, and upon our agreement, he included how much we could live on per year, after-tax, inflation-adjusted and without ever having to worry about running out of funds. Gary's Planning has done more than I ever could have done on my own, and has delivered to my Wife & I great peace of mind.

I would recommend Gary S. Wolfe wholeheartedly as he is a straight-shooter who does not mince words and isn't afraid to give you his honest, educated opinions.

Steven A. Raskin
Baylor College of Medicine (Retired)
Houston, Texas

As I had mentioned on Monday earlier this week at your Office, "outside of my Family, you are the most important person in my Life!" I depend on you absolutely to effectively manage my Financial Expectations versus Realities throughout my Retirement. I depend upon you for Financial Guidance to steer me into Retirement and to keep my Family secure during and after the years that may be granted to me after Retirement. You are an Expert in Financial Security. I am glad of the excellent support that the Northwestern Mutual provides you in your efforts to serve me and ensure that security. Gary, you came highly recommended to me by my life-long friends, and have not contravened their trust, nor mine. Thank you Gary

Bruce Varley
Director US O&P Compliance and Quality

Houston, Texas

I am thankful that an acquaintance introduced my Family to Gary almost two decades ago. Throughout my Family's fortunes and misfortunes, Gary has been a guiding force.Over these years, Gary has earned my Trust through day in and day out, ongoing & unremitting work to insure that my Family's best interests, be it present day needs to long-term Planning needs, were met.

It only takes one meeting with Gary to see the value he will bring to your Family and it's Finances. If you are reading this Testimonial, I implore you, for the betterment of your Family and it's Finances, to take that meeting!

Barry A. White, Jr
Assistant General Counsel - Valerus
Global Litigation I Asia-Pacific Region - Oil & Gas
Houston, Texas

Gary has been my Financial Advisor for over twenty five years. I started out simply considering him my "Life Insurance Guy". That quickly changed. I now consider Gary an expert in the Financial Planning field and gain comfort knowing that he has the full network of Northwestern Mutual behind him. When I first met Gary, I knew immediately that he had a passion for NML and his Work. Quickly after, I came to learn that Gary also, and more importantly, has a great passion for his clients. He is so much more than just a salesman. He really takes the time to get to know his Clients and their financial situations and aspirations. WARNING: Gary will tell you like it is...the good, the bad and the ugly!

But the great part about that is he also develops a thoughtful, appropriate plan regardless of the situation. He does his homework and always comes prepared, backing up everything with research and analysis. And the best part is that he also takes the time to explain why he believes his plans and/or products are right for your situation.

I am proud to say that the person who I thought simply started out as just my "Life Insurance Guy" was really always my trusted financial advisor and my friend. I highly recommend Gary to anyone seeking quality, honest financial planning and advice.

J. Clint Walden
Vice-President, Chief Accounting Officer and Controller
GenOn Holdings

Houston, Texas

I was introduced to Gary by a friend of mine. What an impact Gary has made in my Life, both as a friend and Financial Advisor. Gary truly cares---in a "tough love" way! I am certain we were one of the biggest train wrecks financially that Gary has ever worked with. But he took us in, provided some tough love and guidance in a very well-planned, organized thought-out manner. Now coming upon 8 years since I have known Gary, he has continued to lead me and my Fmaily down a financial path that has required commitment and sacrifice on our part and all due to the drive within Gary to see me lead my Family into a brighter Financial Future! Without Gary's guidance, I would not be where I am now! I have never met another person like Gary with his drive, determination and laser-focus to help others plan wisely. I played college footbal at Fresno State, playing for one of the greatest coaches that ever coached the game in Jim Sweeney ---I liken Gary to a great coach ---which is a person that is not just a friend, but someone that says and does the tough things to push and stretch you way beyond wihat you think you're capable of doing on your own! Thank you for everything Coach Gary! That's the greatest honor I can bestow upon anyone!

Mike Foust
BAC...The Cabinet Guys
Houston, Texas

My Wife and I started considering Life Insurance and Financial Planning in the mid-1990's when our first child was around 5 - 6 years old. We wanted to ensure our Family's well-being and our Son's future. We had consulted a couple of agents from other Companies, but were unimpressed. I then came across some promotional literature from Northwestern Mutual, filled out and mailed the card for more information. One evening our phone rang and Gary S. Wolfe introduced himself. What started as random chance has blossomed into a great friendship!  It was destiny! Initially we were wary, having expolred other insurance options and agents. Gary put up a great show...with Northwestern Mutual Testimonials, historical performance statistics, proposals with charts and numbers. We were skeptical and tested him with all sorts of questions. Gary stayed with us through this process, patiently explaining and answering all our questions. In the end, were were satisfied and impressed by his sincerity and passion. Over the years, we added to our insurance portfolio, and as our family grew we got our children insured, created their College Funds, rolled over our Retirement Programs and other investments for Gary to manage. He truly believes in his Work and keeps us educated and informed about how our Portfolio is performing - through good and bad economic cycles. Over the years, we have referred Gary without hesitation to family, friends and colleagues and, in each case, he has lived up to his excellent reputation. Thank you, Gary.

Sanjeev Mullick
Director, Global Accounts
Aspen Technology
Houston, Texas

For the better part of the last 20 years my financial planning including college funding, personal and retirement investments, and had been managed by a private financial planner and close personal friend. However, for many reasons, my wife and I felt a strong need to look for new options. We are edging closer and closer to that mystical retirement time of our lives and just were not comfortable with the stability of our investments. Using a private financial planner did not allow us to react to the market as quickly as needed, and did not provide enough secure investment options nor have the research and support of a larger organization.

So, in the middle of 2011,  I began to search for a new financial advisor and the decision was narrowed down to two organizations; Northwestern mutual and an organization with which I have had a  30 year relationship. Both offered a quicker response to the market that I was so desperate for and had the resources and support we felt we were lacking. While Northwestern Mutual was rated higher the long term relationship with the second organization required me to visit with both.

20 plus years ago I bought an insurance policy from Gary, when that was the only service he was providing. However, a close friend of mine who I referred to Gary was still a client and Gary was providing life, retirement and investment strategies and management to my friend and his referral was instrumental in the decision to consider both companies.

Gary was the deciding factor! We felt he was truly interested in helping us achieve our desired retirement goals. He was brutally honest in his assessment and the plan he outlined made more sense and met our needs better than anything else we reviewed.

The hardest part of the decision came when I informed my close and personal friend and financial advisor that I was switching advisors. We attend church, socialize and vacation with this family and it was extremely difficult when making that phone call. However, I am absolutely secure in the decision to switch our retirement planning to Gary and the support of the Northwestern Mutual family was the right thing for Lisa and me.

Kevin B Schooley
Clinical Staff Pharmacist
Comprehensive Pharmacy Services
St Luke's Sugar Land Hospital
Sugar Land, Texas

I first met Gary at a Greater Houston Partnership Business Development Committee meeting back in 2010, as we were both networking with other Houston professionals. From the moment I talked with Gary I could tell he was a truly genuine person and I agreed to meet with him again. In our next meeting, Gary's professionalism, knowledge and personal touch proved to my wife Amy and I that he was the right Advisor to help us secure our financial future for our growing family. Over the years Gary's commitment and enthusiasm to providing excellent service to my family has never wavered.

Gary is dedicated to his clients and you will quickly realize he thinks of you and your family as his own. I don't consider Gary as just a Financial Advisor, I consider him a friend. He always has my family's best interest at heart and pushes me as a friend would, to make important financial decisions that will benefit my family today and in the future. Because of his knowledge, ethics, dedication, integrity and personal touch, I gladly recommend him to family, friends and colleagues. Attending that event several years ago and meeting Gary was good day for me and my family.

John P. Hallmark, CPA
Assurance Partner
Houston, Texas

1995 was a fortuitous year for my wife Rose and I because of our chance meeting  with Gary S. Wolfe and the Northwestern Mutual when we moved to Sugar Land, Texas. From the moment we met Gary, we both knew that we now had someone we could trust with our most important needs and requirements, both on a personal and financial level.

Gary's passion to help define our needs and to craft an Insurance Plan for the future has resulted in getting my Family into a comfortable financial situation as I now enter Retirement.  Along the way, Gary has encouraged Rose and myself to sacrifice a little in order to obtain Peace of Mind that our Family would be taken care of in an unfortunate Life Event. He always  provided sound logic for increasing coverage, but his foresight has resulted in a nice Cash Value "Nest Egg", Long Term Care Policies for long-term health care security for Rose and I, and getting our 29 year old son Stuart safely into adulthood.

Rose and I owe a great debt to Gary and consider him as "Family". The numerous traits (among many others) that come to my mind when describing Gary to others would include thoughtful, honest, intelligent, responsive, trustworthy, passionate, loyal and ethical. Gary is a man of Integrity who always speaks his mind and keeps his word.

Gary has recently taken on the role as our Wealth Management Advisor and I am confident that this new Role will result in a continued long and productive association. I would sincerely recommend Gary to anyone. He truly is "one in a Million" and will always have a special place as part of the Montgomery Family.

John B. Montgomery
Facilities Engineering Superintendent (Retired)
Chevron International Exploration & Production
Sugar Land, Texas

I have been a client of Northwestern Mutual since 1985. I was introduced to the Company in another state, with a different agent. When I moved to Texas a few years later, with no support or answers from my previous Agent, I became very frustrated and called the Company's Home Office.That is how Gary S. Wolfe entered my life. He not only reviewed my existing policy but also reviewed my present & future needs.  He identified the flaws in the policy I had and made efforts to fix them. He also enhanced my policy to secure our family and their needs. I have now known Gary for 30 years and it would be an insult to him if I simply called him an insurance agent. I believe Gary is above all that. He really invested time to understand our family, our dynamics, our present and future Financial Security Needs and our fragility and risks. He is brutally honest and has rightfully earned the right to emphasize why we need to accept his recommendations and the risks if we don't. Gary is very passionate and it shows in everything he does. He is caring, as he has endured the wrath of time, losing his own Father at Age 7, with his family not being financially secure while he was growing up and in his own way, this Career is his own personal Mission to secure every Family that comes his way to be better well-planned than his own Family was. I have personally recommended alot of people to Gary and they are still my friends. That in  itself says alot about Gary S. Wolfe. I don't think anyone of us can give a better recommendation than the results of his work!  This is the best recommendation and client satisfaction anyone can get!

Anil Patel
Pharmacy Masters Consultants, Inc
Sugar Land, Texas

My wife and I met Gary Wolfe 23 years ago, and since that time we have come to regard him as a dear friend and a trusted Wealth Management Advisor. The night we met Gary, I told him we needed an Advisor to do some long-term Planning because we had recently begun a Family. I had no idea of what I was about to get myself into!

Gary made an enormous investment in time and energy to review our financial situation, listen to our goals and objectives, educate us, prepare an extensive Analysis, and provide truly thoughtful and meaningful well-documented solutions.

My two children, my Wife, and I all carry Life Insurance with the Northwestern Mutual. His Analysis and continuous Advisory Services serves as a "Road Map" to ensure that we stay on the right path to personal financial security. What more could we ask from a partnership with our Wealth Management Advisor?
I can honestly say that I have never met anyone more devoted to, or as passionate about, the products and services he delivers to a Client. Gary represents one of the finest Companies in the World, in the Northwestern Mutual, and he exemplifies the finest qualities in a person, a friend, and a trusted Wealth Management Advisor."

David R. Selbst
Chief Operating Officer (COO)
JERA Energy America
Houston, Texas

Gary is a valuable member of our team for many years now. He wasn't a salesman that sold us something and then we never saw him again. We consistently have annual visits to reevaluate our progress and future needs for the past 23 years now. This shows us that he wants to stay on top of our situation and that he is very interested in helping us achieve our goals & objectives. He also wasn't a salesman who recommended something that he doesn't have the integrity to own himself.  He truly practices what he preaches! Gary has been like a Coach that has challenged us and pushed us throughout our relationship. We are grateful for his expertise and commitment to our Family, and we have found that all the Credentials after his name means he does know his stuff!"

Ron Thompson
Owner -Thompson's Landscaping L.L.C
Magnolia, Texas

I thought I owned plenty of life insurance. I'm in my mid-60's and, our children are successfully married and self-supporting. The life insurance I purchased early in my career to protect a young family was in good shape and appeared to me to be adequate. Why on earth would I need additional life insurance?

It had been over twenty years since I last considered any estate planning, mainly because I was too busy building an estate to think about its final structure or disposition. Then, a respected Houston trust and estate attorney introduced me to Gary S. Wolfe. Gary opened my eyes to the estate planning liquidity efficiencies and opportunities available using life insurance products. I found Gary to be professional, persuasive and compassionate. He is an excellent advocate for his clients. I recommend Gary and the services he provides without hesitation.

Gary Forbes
Private Investor
Austin, Texas

Gary has been faithful to our concerns and needs. We met and began business with Gary in Houston in 1991. Since then, we have relocated twice and continue to choose Gary despite the distance. Gary has strategized on our Retirement Plans as well as planned for the needs in the event(s) of our Disability or Death, God forbid. If you know Gary, and you will want to, you will understand Gary is extremely responsive and ever-loyal. We don't just do business with Gary, we call him a friend."

Ben Zivney, MD, FACOG,
Board Certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology

Sue Zivney, CPA
College Station, Texas

My wife and I first met Gary S. Wolfe about 20 years ago when our son was born and we wanted to purchase life insurance. He met with us and explained the benefits of whole life insurance and how, if we were lucky enough not to need the death benefit in the next couple decades, the cash surrender value would help us supplement future retirement needs. We were impressed with his professionalism and the outstanding reputation of Northwestern Mutual Life.

Since we are both CPA's, Gary left us alone for the intervening years. Recently we contacted him as we are approaching retirement age and wanted to know how our life insurance policies would assist in providing retirement income. Gary explained how he could analyze our "Retirement Readiness" and evaluate if we were on track with our plans or if we would need to accumulate more investments, delay retirement and/or reduce our living expenses. Through several discussions, he was able to report back to us that we were not only on track, but in fact could expect to raise our standard of living through retirement without being a burden one day to our only child. He noted that our plan did not include any long term care planning and advised us to add that critically important financial instrument to our portfolio, and therefore we did.

Now, I can say that we are both reassured that we truly have a wealth management advisor working hard for us. We plan to meet with him periodically to update our analysis as we move close to the next phase of our lives"

James A. Y'Barbo, CPA, CFO
Terra Oilfield Services
Conroe, Texas

"I was introduced to Gary S. Wolfe more than over 30 years ago, and have worked with him throughout all of the following years to address my family's Financial Security and Insurance needs. He excels in his knowledge of Northwestern Mutual's products and services, he has provided me with invaluable insights on future Financial Security Planning needs, and he consistently enlightens me on matters to be addressed to secure that future for myself and my family. I greatly respect Gary's knowledge and expertise and consider him to be one of my most trusted advisers. I unhesitatingly recommend Gary to anyone who wants honest, quality, long-term financial and insurance advice."

Gregory P. Crinion
Managing Partner, Attorney & Counselor
Bay Area Houston Office of Crinion Davis & Richardson LLP
Houston, Tx

Gary & I go way back. He was in my Wedding Party in 1983 and we were in his Wedding in 1989.  We really did not want to work with such a dear and close friend when it came to our very private and deeply personal financial information, although Gary did ask for that privilege several times many years ago. After disappointing experiences with at least two different Advisors, at two different Firms, over several years, we finally decided to give Gary a chance.

In 2004, my wife Stephanie and I moved all of our Investment Assets to Northwestern Mutual under Gary to manage.  We couldn't possibly be any happier with the results. Gary is the epitome of Integrity and gives us the Confidence we want in a highly professional manner. Client Service is extremely important to us and Gary comes through every step of the way, every time. Now that our Sons are old enough to have their own Portfolio, they have also chosen to work with Gary.

I would highly recommend others to do business with Gary, existing friendship or not.  He truly gives the Personal care & delivers the expertise that Clients need and want.

Dr. Paul R. Gustafson, M.D.
Oncologist (Retired)
Houston, Texas

Having known Gary S. Wolfe, MBA, CPA, LUTCF, CLU, ChFC, CLTC, AEP, RICP  for quite some time prior to becoming a client of his, I had a pretty good feeling about exactly whom I'm dealing with. Gary is not  a  "salesman" type but rather he is a purely good heart. His kindness, care and genuine concern for the well-being of his clients and their families is remarkable and quite admirable. Gary expended all his energy on finding the best possible solutions for my wife and I, having 6 Children of our own. We know this to be true from our personal experience with Gary and from those we've  recommended to him. He is a straight shooter and will say the honest truth, even if it's not "good for business,." as the Torah commands one to do!

My wife and I both feel that Gary was a "G-d-send" and we are privileged to have such an honest and qualified friend in our lives. We look forward to sending many more of our friends to him."

Rabbi Aryeh & Zehava Wolbe
Executive Director TORCH –
Torah Outreach Resource Center of Houston
Houston, Texas